PPR Pipe

PPR Pipe

  • Blue Color PPR Pipe

    Blue Color PPR Pipe

    The blue color ppr pipe is smooth in the pipe and no other particles can be touched. This advantage makes the pipe resistance less and lower energy consumption. The ppr pipe fittings of the same type and material are connected and fused into a perfect whole, avoiding the problem of water leakage in the water pipe.

  • Plastic PPR Pipe

    Plastic PPR Pipe

    Our plastic PPR pipe are an outstanding solution for completing your piping project, all while ensuring your system features an improved durability and corrosion resistance, as well as a shortened installation period. In addition, our plastic PPR pipe is also exceptionally environmentally friendly, ensuring a worry-free installation and performance. To increase pipe operating temperatures and reduce expansion rates, we use blending glass fibers in the center of the pipe, turning these pipes into a multilayer composite pipe.

  • Composite PPR Pipe

    Composite PPR Pipe

    Generally speaking, the composite ppr pipe adopts a five-layer structure, the outer layer is PPR, and the inner layer is PE-RT. In the middle, there is an aluminum layer. In addition, between the layers, hot melt adhesive is used and extruded and compounded through high temperature and high pressure, so as to have a good compound effect.

  • PPR Fiber Composite Pipe

    PPR Fiber Composite Pipe

    The PPR fiber composite pipe has high density and smooth inner wall, helping to prevent water loss and to protect the water from external pollution. PPR pipe fittings also adopt PPR fiber composite pipe material, allowing for direct connection by hot fusion, which is very convenient and secure. The joint will have higher strength than the pipe itself.

  • PPR Antibacterial Pipe

    PPR Antibacterial Pipe

    We provides ppr antibacterial pipe for customers with high requirements around water health. During the production of PPR pipes, nano-silver antibacterial agent is added in the raw materials to effectively suppress the breeding of bacteria.

  • Hot Water PPR Pipe

    Hot Water PPR Pipe

    These hot water PPR pipes do not leach harmful chemicals that transmit to drinking water.

  • PPR Water Pipe

    PPR Water Pipe

    Our raw materials are imported from South Korea, with special temperature and pressure resistance and special quality. The PPR water pipe has a long service life, is corrosion-resistant and does not scale, and can be durable for at least 70 years under normal temperature and pressure.

  • PPR Water Pipe

    PPR Water Pipe

    Plastic Water pipe, the first obvious advantage is that it can withstand high pressure. Generally, the pressing test pressure is about 10kg, while some of the better PPR pipes have a pressing pressure of more than 30kg, so their high pressure resistance must be very good. For projects with certain pressure-bearing requirements, or floors, PPR pipes generally meet the requirements. PPR pipes are good as medium-pressure pipes.

  • PPR Pipe with Fiberglass Layer

    PPR Pipe with Fiberglass Layer

    Good anti-aging performance and heat resistance. The PPR pipe with fiberglass layer tube can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -40℃~70℃, and the high temperature resistant resin with special formula can also work normally at temperatures above 200℃. Good frost resistance. Below minus 20°C, the tube will not freeze and crack after freezing.