PPR Fitting

PPR Fitting

  • PPR Female Threaded Tee

    PPR Female Threaded Tee

    The PPR female threaded tee is made of high-quality lead-free Hpb59-1 copper, with a unique leak-proof design, tightly occluded to prevent leakage, and the raw material is imported food-grade random copolymer polypropylene (PPR) through injection molding into pipe fittings.

  • PPR Plug Fittings

    PPR Plug Fittings

    The PPR plug fitting is easy to load and unload, and the construction is quick. The thickened silicone sealing ring, the design of free winding raw material tape, does not leak. We have passed CE, ISO9001 quality management system and 14001 environmental management system certifications.

  • Elbow 90°

    Elbow 90°

    Elbow 90°can change water flow in two ways. Made of imported raw materials, it is of highly quality and the color can be customized.

  • End Cap

    End Cap

    1. Size: 20-110mm

    2. Material:  End Cap is made of imported good raw material

    3. Color: White or customized

    4. Certificate: CE, ISO9001

  • Equal Tee

    Equal Tee

    1) Equal Tee can be used to connect with different sections of pipes together.

    2) The inner wall is smooth so that it can increase the flow speed.

    3) The three-way design can help to change or regulate the fluid directions.

  • Female Thread Elbow

    Female Thread Elbow

    Female Thread Elbow is mainly composed of two parts, the thread part and the plastic part. The size is 20-110mm, and the color can be white or customized.

  • Male Thread Elbow

    Male Thread Elbow

    1. The surface of the male thread elbow is smooth and free of burrs.

    2. The new material is shiny and shiny, oily and smooth.

    3. It is not easy to corrode, high temperature resistance, and strong usability.

    4. Durable and not easy to crack.

    5. Smooth inner wall and strong conveying force.

    6. The surface is polished clean, the friction coefficient is small, and the conveying capacity is strong.

  • PPR Equal Socket

    PPR Equal Socket

    The PPR equal socket is directly used to connect the ppr pipes of the same specification at both ends, which are injection molded from high-quality raw materials. The performance of the product has reached the national standard. The connection method is simple, just connect with a ppr welding machine.

  • Male Thread Socket

    Male Thread Socket

    The wall of Male Thread Socket is smooth and it does not breed bacteria. It is easy to install and can combine with pipes tightly, which makes it not easy to leak.

  • PPR Water Pipe Fittings

    PPR Water Pipe Fittings

    To guarantee the quality from the source, we purchase plastic raw materials from famous brand such as Hyosung in Korea, Yanshan in Beijing. Zhejiang Universal Fenghe Plastic Industry Co., Ltd is a dynamic manufacturer of high-quality plastic pipes, offering everything from pipes and pipe fittings for home plumbing systems to large-scale engineering pipelines.

  • PPR Conjoined Bridge Tee

    PPR Conjoined Bridge Tee

    The PPR conjoined bridge tee is pipe fittings and pipe connectors. Also called three-way pipe fittings or three-way pipe fittings.

  • PPR Elbow 45°

    PPR Elbow 45°

    The PPR elbow 45° is made of imported Korean Hyosung material. It is easy to connect the sails and does not produce pungent odor when connected. After full combustion, only carbon dioxide and water are left. The elbow has good corrosion resistance.

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