• Pex Aluminum Composite Pipe

    Pex Aluminum Composite Pipe

    1. Aluminum-plastic composite pipe for ordinary drinking water: white L mark, applicable scope: pipes for domestic water, condensate, oxygen, compressed air, and other chemical liquids.

    2. Aluminum-plastic composite pipe for high temperature resistance: red R mark, mainly used for hot water and heating piping system with long-term working temperature of 95℃.

    3. Aluminum-plastic composite pipe for gas: yellow Q mark, mainly used to transport natural gas, liquefied gas, and coal gas pipeline systems.

    4. During the pipeline construction, the corresponding material requirements must be me

  • Hot sale metric pex aluminum-plastic pipe

    Hot sale metric pex aluminum-plastic pipe

    Outstanding hygiene performance: The inner and outer layers of the aluminum-plastic pipe are made of special polyethylene materials, which are clean and non-toxic. The most important thing is that the middle layer of the aluminum-plastic tube is aluminum, which can not only block light, but also block oxygen. As we all know, the environment of unhealthy microorganisms must be light and oxygen. The middle aluminum layer of the aluminum-plastic tube prevents the breeding of microorganisms and algae, which is beyond the reach of all-plastic tubes. The all-plastic tube is not only added with a large amount of antioxidants to prevent material degradation, but also extracted into the water retained in the pipeline, which is likely to cause water pollution, and because the all-plastic tube does not contain light- and oxygen-blocking materials, it is very easy to grow microorganisms. This leads to secondary pollution of water quality.

  • Chinese manufacture pex aluminum-plastic pipe

    Chinese manufacture pex aluminum-plastic pipe

    1. The aluminum-plastic pipe of good quality is also very well done in terms of small details. The spray code on the surface is very symmetrical and meticulous, and there will be no obvious defects, and the joints between the plastic layer and the aluminum layer are relatively close.

    2. Because of the aluminum layer material inside, the aluminum-plastic pipe has good collision resistance. Under the circumstances allowed by the merchant To be able to experiment!

    3. Look at the appearance of the aluminum-plastic pipe, whether the trademark logo and other information are printed clearly, whether the pipe information is marked, reliable manufacturers will print all the information!

  • Aluminum pex tubing for hot and cold water

    Aluminum pex tubing for hot and cold water

    aluminum pex tubing is a popular pipe material on the market. It is lightweight, durable and easy to construct. Its flexibility is also more suitable for home furnishing. The main disadvantage of aluminum-plastic pipe is that when it is used as a hot water pipe, long-term thermal expansion and contraction will cause the pipe wall to be displaced and cause leakage.

  • Plumbing materials plastic hot water pipe

    Plumbing materials plastic hot water pipe

    The plastic hot water pipes are a high temperature, flexible pipe with an aluminum reinforced middle layer. They are a crosslinked polyethylene composite pipe, allowing users to use plastic hot water pipes in plumbing, snow melting systems, and heating and cooling applications.