PE-RT underground heating pipe

PE-RT underground heating pipe

  • High temperature resistant Pe-rt heating pipe

    High temperature resistant Pe-rt heating pipe

    (1) Before laying the floor heating pipes, it is necessary to make a good design, look at the amount of indoor pipes, and have a calculation. The amount of each aspect must be designed in advance. It is also very convenient to calculate and plan the piping diagram according to the indoor area. Later, the construction can be carried out according to the drawing.

    (2) According to the determined position and marked height at home, the manifold should be flat and firmly attached to the wall, and fixed with expansion bolts. In order to prevent heat loss, it is necessary to cover the pipe from the manifold to the installation room with a special insulation jacket.

  • Wholesale high pressure Pe-rt floor heating pipe

    Wholesale high pressure Pe-rt floor heating pipe

    1. Flexibility: PE-RT is relatively soft. No special tools are needed during construction, so the processing cost is relatively low.

    2. Thermal conductivity: pipes used for floor heating need to have good thermal conductivity. PE-RT has better thermal conductivity, and its thermal conductivity is twice that of PP-R and PP-B pipes. It is very suitable for floor heating.

  • Pert cheap price underground heating pipe

    Pert cheap price underground heating pipe

    Nowadays, there are two kinds of common floor heating pipes, one is 16 pipes and the other is 20 pipes. Depending on the specifications and installation positions of the pipes, the installation spacing of the floor heating pipes is also different. For example, the pipe spacing of general toilets is between 10cm-12cm, while the distance between the bedroom and large living room is between 20cm-25cm. PE-RT floor heating pipe is made of copolymer of butadiene monomer and octene monomer. It is a pipe specially made for heating. PE-RT floor heating pipes have the advantages of preserving PE’s environmental sanitation, which can reduce environmental pollution and processing advantages, while at the same time improving the high temperature durability of a new type of special pipe material. With the improvement of people’s living standards, the utilization rate of floor heating pipes is getting higher and higher.

  • laying underfloor heating pipes

    laying underfloor heating pipes

    The inner and outer layers of the laying underfloor heating pipes are made of special polyethylene materials, and polyethylene is a non-toxic, odorless plastic with good impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and weather resistance, and can be used for more than 50 years. The longitudinal welded aluminum alloy in the middle layer of the aluminum-plastic pipe makes the pipe have the compressive strength of metal, and the impact resistance makes the pipe easy to bend and does not rebound. It can be 100% isolated from gas penetration, and the pipe has the advantages of both metal and plastic pipes. We have size from 16-32mm, and we accept OEM, custom.

  • Low price pex aluminum pex tubing for underground

    Low price pex aluminum pex tubing for underground

    Excellent high and low temperature resistance: long-term use temperature is 95 degrees (50 years, 1MPa), the highest use temperature is 110 degrees, and the thermal expansion coefficient of pex aluminum pex tubing is small.