Pe high pressure flexible residential gas pipe

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PE gas pipe mainly used to transport natural gas, liquefied gas, coal gas pipeline system.adopts gas polyethylene pipe with many excellent properties and is used in the field of gas transportation. It will completely solve the corrosion of steel pipes and cast iron pipes and joint leakage problems, thereby ensuring the safe operation of the gas pipeline network system. The PE material selected for the PE gas pipe is an inert material that can withstand the erosion of a variety of chemical media. The pipe wall has low friction coefficient, small flow resistance, and strong conveying capacity. It adopts electric heat fusion connection, and the interface strength is higher than the pipe body, and the high toughness PE fracture extension The length rate generally exceeds 500%. PE gas pipe has good seismic performance, resistance to slow crack growth (SCG), rapid crack growth (RCP), flexibility and scratch resistance.

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Reasons for gas pipe leakage:

(1) The joint between the hose and the front switch of the stove and the stove joint is not tight;

(2) Damaged or bursting hose during summer;

(3) The gas pipe of the stove is not in close contact with the valve switch;

(4) The sealing screw of each process hole and the nozzle thread are not tightly sealed;

(5) The valve core of the air valve switch does not fit tightly with the valve body. After maintenance, the valve core and the valve body are matched in the opposite direction, and the joint hose rubber ring is not tight;

If you want to confirm whether there is a leak of natural gas, you can use the following methods.

1. Smell the smell. Natural gas is odorized, and the leakage will have a special odor. If there is a special odor, it is likely to be a natural gas leak. (This method cannot determine the exact location of the leak)

2. Apply soapy water. Apply soapy water to the joints of the pipe fittings, the valve handle (because the valve is often opened and closed, the valve handle is most likely to leak), etc. If there are bubbles, it means a leak.

3. Observe the gas meter method. If the natural gas valve is not closed, record the bottom number of the gas meter. After a period of time (gas can not be used during the period) to see if the bottom number of the gas meter has changed. The increase indicates the possibility of leakage. This method can only detect whether the gas meter leaks afterwards.

4. Report to the gas company. If a leak is suspected, the local gas company can be notified. The staff will bring a professional leak detector to the door to check whether there is a gas leak.

pay attention. Once a gas leak is suspected, first open windows for ventilation. It is strictly forbidden to use open flames, use electricity, and make calls! Close the front valve of the gas meter. Notify the gas company!


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