Why does the floor heating pipe frequently leak water, and what is the reason?

The floor heating pipe is installed under the floor. Once the water leaks, it is very troublesome. What are the reasons for the leakage of floor heating pipes, so that everyone can take precautions in advance.
1. Unauthorized dismantling of floor heating
Many families learn on the spot when installing floor heating, so they think they have some understanding of floor heating installation and maintenance, and they think they can solve a small problem. Therefore, these people began to disassemble and assemble the floor heating by themselves. Because of improper and irregular disassembly and assembly, the floor heating eventually caused water seepage.
2. Floor heating construction problems
There is also a large part of the water seepage in the floor heating because the installation of the floor heating equipment is not carried out according to the strict and standardized process. This kind of situation is common. For example, some community owners choose some not very professional construction parties, without any The project qualification and construction technology, and finally the rapid installation, after all, also caused water seepage in the middle and late use process.
3. Unreasonable construction of decoration design engineering
Under normal circumstances, floor heating installation and decorative design are basically not long apart. After the floor heating was installed, the floor heating construction team did not work with the decoration design staff to hand over the machinery and equipment and common problems in various places, resulting in the decoration design staff in the middle and late decoration process for some key parts of the whole floor heating system. As a safeguard measure, casual construction will cause water seepage in the floor heating.

Post time: Feb-28-2022