Why Do Ppr Pipes Often Leak?

In the process of using the ppr pipe, water leakage is often encountered. What is the reason?

The ppr pipe has poor oxidation resistance in the open state. The ppr pipe produced by some manufacturers does not meet the national standard. The inner wall of the pipe is thin, the light transmittance is poor, and the tensile strength is poor, so there will be frequent water leakage. But the price is much cheaper than the brand price.

Although the ppr pipes produced by some manufacturers meet the national standards, they provide free door-to-door pressure testing services and issue warranty cards, but they cannot guarantee that the pipe fittings will not leak. Such as false welding, false welding, etc., the pressure test at the time of construction will not show. The ppr pipe will leak water when it is used for a period of time or years, especially the hot water pipe is more likely to leak water than the cold water pipe, because the hot water pipe expands and contracts with heat. Therefore, some families turn the water heater to the maximum gear all the year round, and never turn off the water heater, which will increase the probability of water leakage of the ppr hot water pipe.

When choosing a ppr pipe, pay attention to choosing a manufacturer with reliable quality, and when using a water heater, pay attention to turning off electrical appliances when not in use to maintain the service life of the ppr pipe. The product quality and construction of the ppr pipe are very important, otherwise it will cause water leakage.

Post time: Sep-01-2022