Which is more suitable for PPR , pipe or PE pipe?

Why do we usually choose PPR pipe instead of PE pipe?PE pipes and PPR pipes are both pipe materials, and both can be used for water supply. So why are home improvement water supply pipes basically PPR water pipes, while PE pipes are mostly used for municipal engineering pipes, and are rarely used for home improvement water supply pipes?

1. High temperature resistance, endangering the safe operation of pipelines

Although PE pipe has very good low temperature resistance performance, the high temperature performance of PE pipe is not as good as that of PPR water pipe. The water supply and drainage industry of engineering buildings, especially home decoration, must be applied to hot water pipelines. Basically, the high temperature resistance temperature of PE pipes is 60 °C, and the basic temperature of power supply at home will be around 50 °C, and it will operate at this temperature for a long time. , the embrittlement rate of PE pipes will be greatly accelerated, and sometimes the temperature will be much higher than 50 °C, so PE pipes are not suitable for the transportation of hot water, which is one of the reasons why PE pipes are generally not used for home decoration.

2. Thermal conductivity.

The heat transfer coefficient of PPR water pipe is 0.24, and the heat transfer coefficient of PE water pipe is 0.42, which is nearly doubled. We know that the lower the thermal conductivity, the higher the heat insulation performance of the water pipe. If the PE pipe is used in the geothermal heating level, it will give full play to its advantages. Good heat removal means that the actual effect of radiant heat is also stronger, but when it is used in the hot water pipeline level, it will become its defect. The damage is bigger, and the surface temperature of the pipe is also higher, which is easy to get hot. As a home decoration water supply and drainage, it is obvious that PE pipes are not as effective as PPR pipes.


Post time: Mar-07-2022