Which is better, ppr pipe or aluminum plastic pipe

There are many raw materials necessary for home decoration, and the water pipe is an indispensable one. How to choose a pipe fitting with a suitable price and good quality is very important. Nowadays, the two most common ones are ppr pipe and aluminum-plastic pipe. So which one is better, ppr pipe or aluminum-plastic pipe?

1. Interface method:

The ppr pipe is a hot melt connection, which is simple and convenient, and has high safety; the aluminum-plastic pipe is mainly mechanically connected, and it is not easy to operate with a ferrule or a compression pipe fitting, and there will be potential safety hazards if the strength is not enough. construction.

2. High temperature resistance:

In the national standard requirements, the long-term application temperature of ppr pipe is 70 ℃, the application temperature is 95 ℃, the long-term application temperature of aluminum-plastic pipe is 95 ℃, and the application temperature is 110 ℃, both of which can meet the needs of daily water supply, so it is necessary to Note that it is a misconception to think that the aluminum-plastic pipe is more suitable for hot water than the ppr pipe. Because the aluminum-plastic pipe is bendable, it is very easy to embrittle, and the long-term thermal expansion and contraction will cause the wall thickness to shift and cause water leakage.

3. Environmental hygiene performance:

The aluminum-plastic pipe has a layer of aluminum coil in the middle, which can not only block light, but also block oxygen. It is not easy to grow bacteria and algae, and it is not easy to cause water pollution.

4. Main use:

PPR pipes are generally used in daily life cold and hot water piping systems, radiator heating systems, and pure water supply systems. Aluminum-plastic pipes can be used for heating piping systems, cold and hot water piping systems, solar air conditioning distribution piping systems, indoor natural gas piping systems and other engineering projects.

You can choose according to the characteristics of ppr pipe and aluminum-plastic pipe. It is very important to choose a suitable pipe fitting!

Post time: Jan-18-2022