What should I do if floor heating pipes leak water ?

Floor heating pipes are already an indispensable part of the decoration of every household, but the editor can always receive some information about water leakage after the floor heating pipes are installed. The floor heating pipes have only been used for a few years and they have encountered water leakage problems. The editor summarizes the five major causes of water leakage in floor heating pipes, and see if there are any tricks!
1. The service life of floor heating pipes
Most of the current floor heating pipes can have a service life of more than 50 years. The operating pressure and temperature of the floor heating pipe are within the standard range, and the service life can be 50 years or even longer. Conversely, if the pressure and temperature of the floor heating pipe exceed the standard, the service life of the floor heating pipe will be affected.
2. The customer disassembles the wooden floor or floor heating equipment without authorization, causing the floor heating pipe to be destroyed and causing water leakage. Do not disassemble the floor heating system by yourself. If the customer disassembles the floor heating equipment in private, the damage caused by the customer shall be borne by the customer.
3. Quality problems of floor heating pipe products
This kind of situation is relatively rare, because geothermal heating itself is also for better and long-term heating preparation. Generally, the purchase of floor heating pipes mainly considers quality factors when doing floor heating.
4. Floor heating pipe laying and installation problems
The so-called three points of machinery and equipment, seven points of installation, it can be seen that the project construction work experience has a particularly large impact on the overall project construction quality. Therefore, the investigation when selecting the construction team cannot be ignored.


Application of floor heating pipe

5. Project construction problems of decoration company
One of the big factors for floor heating pipe leakage is that the renovation company may cause damage to the floor heating pipe due to some improper actual operations during the construction of the project, and cause damage to the service life of the floor heating pipe.
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Post time: Oct-18-2021