What is the hazard if the floor heating pipe is not cleaned in time

Floor heating has the characteristics of stable heat, environmental protection and energy saving, maintenance-free, and easy management. It is an ideal heating method, especially suitable for large-scale and long-term heating. The number of installation families of floor heating is also increasing. Regarding the harms of floor heating pipes that are not cleaned in time, let’s take a look with the editor of EEJIA.
According to the survey, in the heating process, every 1mm of dirt on the inner wall of the floor heating pipe will reduce the natural environment temperature by 6°C. This not only harms the conventional temperature, but also leads to energy consumption, and reapplication will cause pipeline blockage. . It can only be dealt with by removing the ground and replacing the floor heating pipes, which will cause economic losses and troubles in daily life to the customers who install the floor heating.
The flowing medium in the floor heating pipe is water, and the water contains a variety of chemical substances, most of which can be divided into two categories: one is minerals, such as calcium and magnesium plasma. Temperature changes will cause calcium and aluminum ions to chemically react, causing stains to accumulate in the pipeline, just like boiling drinking water. After the temperature is reduced, a lot of dark brown rust will accumulate on the bottom of the tank; the other type is microorganisms. kind. After the heating is over, the water inside the floor heating pipeline is not completely drained. At room temperature, a lot of microbial strains will grow in the water and continue to grow and crack, producing microbial mud and relying on the wall thickness, because of the floor heating coil structure Complex and long pipelines will produce thicker sludge after a period of time, resulting in reduced water output and low thermal efficiency. Therefore, floor heating pipes must be cleaned on time.


Post time: Oct-18-2021