What Is The Grade Of Ppr Pipe In Home Improvement? Which Series?

What series and grades of ppr pipes are classified into? When the naked eye cannot distinguish, it can be judged by the spray code on the ppr pipe.

First of all, ppr pipes are divided into two categories, one is hot water pipe and the other is cold water pipe. Hot water pipes are generally marked with red markings, and cold water pipes are marked with blue markings. 

The cold water pipe is divided into two series, namely the s5 and s4. The pressure level corresponding to the s5 series is 1.25 MPa, which is a pipeline with a pressure of 12.5 kg; the s4 series corresponds to 1.6 MPa, which is a pressure of 16 kg.

Hot water pipes are also divided into two series, namely s3.2 and s2.5, s3.2 corresponds to 20 kg pressure pipes, and s2.5 corresponds to 25 kg pressure pipes.

When buying pipes, you must see the signs above and buy pipes according to the pressure you use. The ppr pipe manufacturer recommends that you do not mix hot and cold water pipes, and choose the correct water pipe series.


Post time: Sep-08-2022