What is the difference between aluminum plastic pipe and PB pipe

There are various pipe fittings on the sales market. Many customers are dizzy in the process of choosing home improvement pipes. They don’t know how to choose the right pipe fittings. They don’t have a main orientation. They don’t know what kind of pipes to install, just like The choice of aluminum-plastic tube and PB tube will make many customers feel very headache, let us compare it! Let’s take a look at the editor of EEJIA to see the difference between aluminum-plastic pipe and PB pipe?

The PB tube was invented and manufactured by the Italians. It has been gradually developed in Europe from 1971 to the present. However, after 3-5 years of application, a series of problems have been discovered. Deformation, cracking, and embrittlement will occur, causing problems such as water seepage or difficulty in running water in the pipeline.


Application of aluminum plastic pipe

Aluminum-plastic pipe: After experiencing many problems such as cracking and deformation of pure plastic pipes, the inventor thought of adding a layer of aluminum-plastic pipe to the surface of the plastic pipe to improve this problem, which mainly depends on the good plasticity of the aluminum alloy material. In order to further maintain the aluminum layer, a PE layer is added to the surface layer, and there is also a bonding layer between the PE layer and the aluminum layer, which is the commonly used five-layer structure aluminum-plastic pipe on the market, but due to social changes The aluminum-plastic pipe has also been upgraded, and the inner surface has been upgraded to PPR material, which is not only low-carbon, environmentally friendly, anti-aging, and has a long service life, but also can be melted immediately, saving time and effort, and comprehensively combining the advantages of the two!

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Post time: Oct-18-2021