Teach you three ways to identify the PPR.

Nowadays, there are too many PPR manufacturers in the market, so it is very important for the owners to choose the suitable pipes at the right price. Here are three ways to tell the difference between a PPR tube.
I. “look”
First look at the appearance, the quality tube is smooth, the logo is complete, the accessories also have the brand name; Bad products don’t do that. Because the quality pipe adopts 100% imported PPR raw material, the inferior pipe only USES some PPR raw materials, which is very different in performance.
2. “touch”
Touch the surface of the tube with your hand to experience whether the texture is delicate and whether the particles are even. In PPR process, good extruding equipment is also one of the factors to improve quality.
3. “smell”
Smell the smell? The main material of PPR is polypropylene, good pipe has no smell, and the difference is strange. It is likely to be mixed with polyethylene, not polypropylene.
Another ignition, very intuitive and very useful. The PPR tube, which is mixed with recycled plastic and other impurities, will emit black smoke and a pungent odor. Good material not only does not smoke black smoke, no smell after burning, after burning, the liquid that melts is still very clean. I hope you can see the basic judgment of PPR in this article.

Post time: Dec-02-2020