Should the installation of ppr pipe go to the top?


Should the installation of ppr pipe go to the top?

In the interior decoration industry, whether ppr pipes should be installed on the ceiling (installed in the decoration ceiling). Different decoration masters have different opinions and disagreements. What are the doorways here? Let’s discuss it together.

First of all, let me talk about why some decorators do not recommend roofing water pipes.

1. The topping of the ppr tube has higher technical requirements for the decoration master

The roofing process of water pipes is more complicated. If the decoration master hired in the home interior decoration is inexperienced, it is very likely that various product quality problems will occur after the construction of the project. Therefore, after installation, a pressure test must be carried out to ensure a tight connection between the PPR water pipes.

2. The top of the ppr pipe will shorten the service life of the water pipe

The long-term exposure of the water pipe to the air is shorter than that in the closed underground or inside the wall. The exposed water pipe is very susceptible to air oxidation, especially the part of the water pipe socket. PPR pipe has the characteristics of low temperature embrittlement, and PPR must be protected from cold and warm in the natural environment below zero.

Let’s talk about why some decorators suggest that the water pipes should be topped.

Convenient maintenance: Once the water pipe has a problem of water seepage, it is easier to find out when it goes up, and it is relatively easy to check and repair, and it is not easy to leak to the bottom of the building, causing civil disputes. In fact, as long as you choose the correct PPR water pipe and integrate your own specific conditions, there is no problem with roofing and roofing.

Post time: Jan-12-2022