Precautions For PPR Pipe Acceptance

PPR pipe acceptance is an indispensable part of decoration. If the water pipe acceptance stage does not pass the acceptance and enters the next process, it is likely to leave a safety hazard. So how can we avoid it?

1. Do not leave redundant joints
There is an excess joint near the connection of a section of water pipe, which is easy to leave a hidden danger of water leakage. Make sure that the two water pipes are directly connected through the elbow, and there should be no redundant joints.

2. Do a pressure test
Some construction teams do not use pressure pumps, and only observe the leakage of water pipes with the naked eye to judge whether the water pipe joints are qualified. This cannot guarantee that the water pipe will not leak when the water pressure increases. After the water pipe is laid, first close the valve of the water meter, seal the outlets of the pipeline that need to be pressed with plugs, and use a press to press the air pressure in the water pipe to 6~8 atmospheres for more than 30 minutes. During this period, observe that the pressure drop is not more than 1 atmosphere, and all joints and valves are free of water leakage.

3. Measure the distance between cold and hot water pipes
If the hot and cold water pipes are not installed according to the specifications, and the distance is greater than or less than 15 cm, the water heater interface will not be connected to the water pipe. The owner can take a ruler to measure, the pipe diameter spacing is 15 cm, it is qualified. And the error should be guaranteed to be within 0.1 cm.

4. Avoid water and electricity
Press the water pipe on top of the pipeline. If the water pipe leaks or water droplets appear on the pipe wall, it may wet the wires in the pipeline and cause electricity leakage. It is forbidden to press the water pipe on the pipeline. First, the clean water pipe and the pipeline must be divided. The thick pipes marked with red lines are hot water pipes, the thick pipes marked with blue lines are cold water pipes, and the thinner pure white pipes are pipelines.

Post time: Apr-21-2022