Introduction Of PE-RT Floor Heating Pipe

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the utilization rate of floor heating pipes is getting higher and higher. It is recommended that everyone understand some relevant knowledge of floor heating pipes, so that they can make timely and correct choices in the future. 

Floor heating pipe refers to a kind of pipe used as a low temperature hot water circulating flow carrier in the low temperature hot water ground radiant heating system (referred to as floor heating). Floor heating pipes include XPAPR, PE-X, PAP, PB, PE-RT, etc. 

Today, I will mainly introduce PE-RT pipe. It is a kind of medium density polyethylene produced by special molecular design and synthesis process. It adopts multi-layer co-extrusion technology, and the thickness of each layer is uniform and not easy to delaminate. It uses EVOH as the oxygen barrier layer, which can effectively prevent oxygen from infiltrating the pipeline. And the oxygen permeability rate is lower than the standard requirement, which effectively reduces the corrosion of metal equipment. It retains the good flexibility, high thermal conductivity and inertness of PE, while making it more resistant to pressure. The pipes are corrosion-resistant, non-scaling, small in heat loss, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, flexible and easy to bend. It also has good fluid mechanics performance and a long service life. From the perspective of the later maintenance of the pipe, the PE-RT pipe should be cleaned for three years, because there will be sludge and scaling in the pipe if it is placed for a period of time.

The application areas of PERT mainly include floor heating systems for home, office, breeding and public bathrooms; domestic water heater system piping and various connecting pipes; radiator heating, residential central heating systems; building cold and hot water supply.

Overall, the material price of PE-RT pipe is relatively moderate and economical. And it is a general-purpose pipe that is currently used for floor heating.


Post time: Apr-14-2022