Installation specifications of PPR. How can the water flow be kept small and the water pipe not leaking?

PPR water pipe is one of the main choices for home improvement pipes at present. Although there are special plumbers for the installation of water and electricity pipes. It is also recommended that you learn about the matters that must be paid attention to when installing PPR pipes.


PPR pipe installation specifications:

1. Wipe the dust on the mold head before use, including the pipes and fittings should also be kept clean. (When welding ppr pipe, it is most taboo to have water stains and dust in the welding place, which will affect the welding quality)

2. Plug in the automatic temperature-adjusting hot-melt device, and start welding when the hot-melt device reaches the usable temperature.

3. Every time you use a hot melter to weld the first ppr pipe fitting, you must wait for the temperature to reach before starting to weld. The center line on the water pipe and the center line on the pipe fitting are basically in the same direction. The quasi-die head begins to heat up.

4. After the pipe fittings are all inserted into the die head, observe steadily. When the water pipe and pipe fittings melt and release the glue, quickly pull out the water pipe and pipe fittings without rotation, and place the water pipe and pipe fittings against the center line. Hold still and wait for the connection to cool and solidify.


Please note that the length and strength of the welding must be appropriate to ensure that the inner diameter of the ppr pipe will not become smaller, so that the flow of water will not be affected.

Post time: Mar-31-2022