How to install PPR pipes safely ?

In the installation of ppr pipes, there is a saying widely circulated that “short for pipe installation is not suitable for long, and straight but not suitable for bending”. What are the ways in it?

It should be short rather than long. First of all, from the perspective of cost, pipeline installation should be installed by choosing a route that saves water pipes. Excessive length of the pipeline is wasteful on the one hand, and on the other hand, it will also cause excess water flow loss. Moreover, the longer the pipeline, it means that a large number of connectors must be used in the entire waterway system, and the risk of joint connection will increase.

From another perspective, the longer the pipeline, the more obvious its water hammer effect. Although water hammer in the home decoration waterway is not easy to cause very large damage under normal conditions, it is also helpful to shorten the stable operation of the entire pipeline system as much as possible, and at least increase the service life of the entire waterway system.

It should be straight and not suitable for bending. From the perspective of cost, PPR pipe fittings are used in every bend in the waterway, that is, pipes such as ppr elbows and ppr tees. The prices of these pipes are relatively high. high. If the pipeline layout is relatively straight, the relative cost will be lower.

In addition, from the perspective of water flow, because the pipeline is bent, the frictional resistance of the water flow is enlarged at a certain level, which reduces the speed of the water flow from a certain level, which in turn affects the total flow of water, thereby affecting the feeling of use. .

In the seemingly simple work of ppr water pipe installation, there is actually a hidden secret. Just like the phrase “should be short and not long, and straight and not suitable for bends”, only a complete understanding of its meaning can ensure a truly good waterway design. In every simple job, if everyone should consider enough key points, then it can improve the sense of use.


Post time: Feb-16-2022