How much the floor heating pipe suppresses is normal

Floor heating pipes are installed under the floor. Whether it is installation or inspection, it consumes a lot of time and human resources than conventional surface installation. In order to reduce repetitive operations, it is very important to confirm whether the floor heating pipe can be used before delivery. The pressure of the entire floor heating system is a very important part of the entire process of floor heating pipe installation. If the pressure of the floor heating pipe system is not within the normal range, the construction team must re-check the pressure to ensure that there are no hidden dangers.

According to the pressure test, check whether the underfloor heating system is operating normally. If the pressure is invalid, it means that there is a water seepage problem in the floor heating system. At this time, the construction team must measure the pressure again.

How much floor heating pressure meets the requirements:

1. Generally, the pressure pump can fill the floor heating pipe with water, and then wait until the working pressure is 0.6Mpa or 1.5 times. In this link, abnormal conditions can be checked at any time.

2. If the floor heating pressure is stable, we observe for one hour and find that there is no leakage, and we can observe for 15 minutes. If the pressure range is less than 0.03Mpa, it is qualified. If the heating is slower after the pressure is suppressed, we can control the water temperature at about 25-30 degrees, and then run for 20 hours. Generally, the normal range of water temperature will be reached within 24 hours a day.


Post time: Oct-18-2021