Brass Press Fitting

Brass Press Fitting

  • Brass Press Male Union

    Brass Press Male Union

    The press process has a history of decades in Germany and is widely recognized for its rigorous technology and mature process. It has replaced traditional welding and wire-connected pipeline processes on a large scale, and overcomes the hidden danger of connection penetration. From the Pentagon in the United States to the German National Hospital, even the most demanding customers are sincerely satisfied with its excellent quality and excellent price-performance ratio. The press connection is also an internally enclosed type. Use special pressing tools to deform the fittings to achieve the sealing effect. This connection method is the most advanced connection method for aluminum-plastic pipes.

  • Brass Press fitting Equal Straight Union

    Brass Press fitting Equal Straight Union

    The compression connection is a flexible connection, which is a connection technology that is sealed by a sealing ring through the extrusion between the pipe and the pipe. The compression connection is a way to realize the connection and sealing of the pipe and the pipe fitting by cold extrusion. It inserts the pipe with the sealing ring into the socket of the pipe fitting, and presses the connecting section of the socket from the outside. The basic composition of the compression-type pipe fittings is the end, and the special-shaped pipe fittings with O-ring seals are installed in the U-shaped groove. The cost of pipe fittings is low, the engineering installation is simple, and the construction speed is fast.

  • Brass Press fitting Female Elbow

    Brass Press fitting Female Elbow

    The main characteristics of brass press fittings are listed as following:

    1).Brass press fittings are used for : Hot &Cold water systems and Gas translation.connect with pex-al-pex pipe ,pex pipe.

    2)Light weight,convenient to transport and handle.

    3)High strength,less resistance and sound insulation,No pipe furring,easy to install.

    4)Healthy and non-toxic,bacterial neutral,conforming to drinking water standards.

    5)Resistant to high temperature(110)with good impact strength(over 500Mpa).

  • Brass pressed male female copper fittings

    Brass pressed male female copper fittings

    Technics: Forged

    Connection: Male /Female

    Shape: Equal / Reducing

    Size: 16-63mm


  • Brass equal elbows pipe fittings

    Brass equal elbows pipe fittings

    The working principle of the ferrule joint is to insert the ferrule into the ferrule, use the ferrule nut to lock, the ferrule is located, and the pipe is cut to be sealed. When connecting with the steel pipe, no welding is required. It is suitable for the connection of oil, gas, water and other media pipelines.
    The brass equal elbows pipe fittings have more advantages, such as Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, strong sealing and so on. We have size from 16-32mm, and we accept OEM, custom.

  • Brass press male elbow for water pipe connection

    Brass press male elbow for water pipe connection

    The brass press male elbow has strong pull-out resistance and strong vibration resistance. The connection is safer and the installation is more convenient and quick to install, speeds up the construction completion speed, reduces manpower, and prevents leakage. Strong resistance to water hammer impact is more excellent, economical and practical, more obvious Suitable for high-rise buildings.